Private Placement Advisory

We collaborate with innovative companies across stages to provide liquidity for returns-seeking historical shareholders. This takes the form of private secondary sales of equity stakes and leads to a sustainable and growth-enabling cap table structure.

Our services aid in aligning cross-party incentives:
- Provision of cash returns to long-term shareholders that facilitates recycling of capital
- Re-invigoration of the cap table via introduction of value-add institutional investors
- Creative hybrid solutions which open the door to primary equity or debt fundraising

Private Capital Advisory

We provide managers and institutional investors with liquidity and return-enhancing fund solutions. In tandem with strategic partners in the fund placement space, we provide the perfect fusion - a strong understanding of underlying assets paired with a deep knowledge of GP and LP needs.

GP / Manager-led liquidity offerings:
- Single or multi-asset continuation vehicles
- Preferred commitment / equity injectionsStrip sales

LP-led secondary sales
- Sale of diversified portfolios
- Single stake tender offers
- Creative capital re-deployment solutions

Strategic Advisory

Strategy and execution advice which is designed to complement our Private Placement Advisory and Private Capital Advisory platforms.

Our deep knowledge of cap table and financing considerations allows us to provide bespoke pre-IPO repositioning opportunities across all company and investor structures.

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