A Carefully Crafted Process

Expert guidance at every step of the deal.

Valuing private company shares in the secondary market is a complex endeavor. At NotSoLiquid, we offer in-house expertise that helps you navigate this landscape, providing unique insights and empowering you to transact intelligently.

Level 1: Structuring the offer

NotSoLiquid signs a mandate with the Sellers that guarantees exclusivity in marketing a certain pool of shares.

Level 2: Structuring the deal

Alongside the Company and Management, NotSoLiquid structures the deal as follows: # of shares, price per share, data available, cadence and minimum ticket size.

Level 3: Marketing the shares

NotSoLiquid presents a list of Potential Buyers from NSL coverage (family offices, funds and private banks) to CompanyX and Lead Investors.

Level 4: KYC

Once potential investors are vetted by NSL and Company X, NSL initiates contact. If an investor wants to enter the process they sign an NDA, get access to the dataroom, conduct due diligence and sign a bidding offer (LOI).

Final Boss:  The Closing

With legal support, NSL team collects LOI, manages KYC, collects the STF and closes the deal.

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