Illiquidity is destroying value as companies are staying private longer.

Early investors have a huge amount of trapped cash, with no added value for the portfolio company and no exit opportunity in sight. Traditional thinking doesn’t align with reality anymore - as time-to-IPO grows to 8-10 years or longer, the timeframe of any given investment is becoming more and more unpredictable. Even when scale-ups reach the top of their industry, they cannot guarantee a payout for shareholders that meets returns expectations.

NotSoLiquid organizes transactions which replace historical shareholders of scale-ups with new ones. These transactions require a high-touch, tailor-made solution, which is the best method we have found for rebalancing the relationship between founders and funds.

In the world of secondaries, you have platforms, brokers… and us. NotSoLiquid is the epitome of bespoke deal-making. We present the best opportunities to the best investors, creating the rules of the game for tomorrow’s market to ensure that employees and shareholders of exceptional companies are treated fairly.

NotSoLiquid strives to reinvent the conditions of the secondary market by putting fairness above all. Providing the best companies and investors with the highest standard of liquidity is our one and only goal.

NotSoLiquid is an entity regulated by the ORIAS Association under the number: 22003109 as a CIF (conseiller en investissement financier)

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