Illiquidity destroys value as companies are staying private longer.

Early investors have a huge amount of potential cash stuck, with no real added value for the company.Traditional rules don’t match with reality anymore: the rules of private equity cannot be applied to Venture Capital, which makes your exit way more unpredictable. Even when scale-ups reach the top of the basket, they don’t have the guarantee of a cash return for their shareholders that meets their expectations.

NotSoLiquid organizes transactions to replace shareholders of historical scale-ups with new ones. These processes require a high-touch, tailor-made solution. This is the way we found to rebalance the relationship between founders and funds.

NSL reinvents the conditions of the secondary market by putting fairness before all. We provide the best companies with not only high, but best quality deals.

In the world of secondary, you got the platforms, the brokers... And then you got us. NotSoLiquid is the epitome of the best, tailor-made deals. We present the best opportunities to the best investors. We create the game rules for tomorrow's market, to ensure the fairest treatment for these exceptional companies.

The trust our partners and clients place in us lies in our authenticity: no matter what happens, we always remain honest, sincere, and true to ourselves. We reinvent the business of investment banking and put it at the service of scale-up shareholders.

We are the private club where the world of banking and the world of entrepreneurs meet. Our recipe remains secret, we never communicate about our deals: our clients and partners can count on our discretion and focus on the performance of our service. Today, we are the European leaders in the private market, and tomorrow's benchmark.

NotSoLiquid is an entity regulated by the ORIAS Association under the number: 22003109 as a CIF (conseiller en investissement financier)

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